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So, who am I?

Hello, and thank you for jumping by!

My name is Miriam, I’m 26 but trying to keep my inner child alive with the persistence of a Latino lover, a typical Sagittarius and therefore my

attention is divided over a million different fields of interest such as baking (and eating without feeling guilty about it), reading (sometimes

even the labels on stuff when I’m bored), photography, fashion (especially if I’m the one who’s wearing it), and art.

The one thing starring at the top of this list is my love for traveling the world – the perfect way to create diversity for someone like me who

has an acute allergy to the mundane routine of everyday life.

and what am I doing here?

Here I’m going to share with you the experiences and information that I accumulated during my various trips abroad, though not only them

(after all, you have to leave some space for the other interests sometimes).

I believe that the experiences we go through when we encounter cultures different from ours are the best kind of self-enrichment and that’s

why I want to inspire as many people as I can to go out there and experience those encounters at first hand.

“To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen