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General Information

The site MIRI-GO-ROUND is a personal blog that presents the opinions and personal experiences of the writer, Miriam Sklyar, and therefore

it may contain (despite the desire to avoid it) errors and inaccuracies. As with any private opinion, you should take the things written in the

blog with a grain of salt.

MIRI-GO-ROUND does not take responsibility for your personal use of the site or any damage caused to you, directly or indirectly, as a

result of reading or using the content provided by it.

The site MIRI-GO-ROUND reserves it’s right to add, modify, edit and remove content or services provided by it without prior notice.

The site MIRI-GO-ROUND wishes to provide you with the information presented in it without interruptions but there may be, due to

technical considerations, third party or other faults, interference with the availability of the site and therefore MIRI-GO-ROUND can not

guarantee that the site will be available to you at any time, and so, any financial or other compensation will not be given due to

termination of service/download of the site.


Miriam Sklyar does not take responsibility for the content and opinions presented in the comments published by the readers on the site.

Together with the said above, Miriam Sklyar reserves the right to publish or alternatively delete comments that are not suitable for blog

posting. Comments that are offensive to the blog, Miriam Sklyar as the creator of the blog, as a person or a third party will be deleted

permanently and without prior notice.

External links and third party publications

The site MIRI-GO-ROUND may contain external links and/or content belonging to third parties (e.g., guest posts and/or advertising

content). MIRI-GO-ROUND does not take responsibility for the content, possible inaccuracies in it or the use that will be made of  the

information provided by these sites or third parties.

Visit to such sites are done solely at your own accord and are in the sole liability of the user of the site.

External links to sites do not guarantee the sites to be safe.


The site MIRI-GO-ROUND and its content are protected by the copyright of Miriam Sklyar unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Therefore, any distribution, duplication, imitation or copying of content on the site without the prior written consent of Miriam Sklyar is

strictly prohibited.

For a permission to use the content displayed on the blog, please make contact at the email address:

Any quote from the site will be made along with a credit to Miriam Sklyar and a direct link to the site MIRI-GO-ROUND.

Images and content that do not belong to Miriam Sklyar and she does not claim ownership over will be marked by credit within the text and

a link to the source site.

Privacy Policy

The site MIRI-GO-ROUND uses personal and impersonal information collected from its readers to improve the site and its services, usage of

the site after reading this policy constitutes consent to the details below, therefore be sure to read the written carefully.

Personal Information – When using the site you may be asked to provide identifying information that may be used for your identification,

locating and/or creating future contact with you. This ןinformation may include name, address, e-mail address, etc.

If you do not wish to provide these details you can avoid it. Remember that the only details that the site management will have

are those you chose to provide it with.

Non-personal information – when you visit the site MIRI-GO-ROUND information that your web server sends is collected.

The information may contain details such as your IP address, the browser you are using, the pages of the blog you have

visited, the amount of time you have spent on these pages, etc.

Cookie Files – The cookie is a sequence of information that the site you visit stores on your computer and which your browser will provide

to the site each time you come back to visit it . The cookie is used by the site MIRI-GO-ROUND to verify, track, and store non-personal

information related to your browsing preferences, such as search terms you have used on the site, pages you have visited, duration of  the

visits, etc.

This non-personal information may be used by the site, its advertising network and/or its affiliate companies for analyzing

the website traffic and translating it into targeted promotional activities for the reading audience or alternatively for creating data

research reports that may also be used by a third parties.


Affiliate programs – Some of the external links on this site or the social media related to it may be such that give a small

commission to the blog if you will choose to make a purchase through them.

Buying through these links will not charge you extra fees beyond the stated price of the product on site.

It is important to note that these kind of links will only display products and services that MIRI-GO-ROUND found to be of high quality and

worthy of publication.

Sponsors – If  and when the site MIRI-GO-ROUND will accept products and services for a funded review, the site will publish

some of them if they are found to be suitable for the content of the blog and of a good enough quality in Miriam Sklyar’s opinion.

The review will be carried out in full by Miriam Sklyar and will present all of the aspects of the product, including negative ones, if they

are to be found.

Changes to the agreement

MIRI-GO-ROUND reserves the right to change the Terms of Use policy that is presented here from time to time and without a notice or a

special mention on the various channels of the site. Changes to this policy will be indicated by changing the date on the line that displays

“Last updated” at the bottom of this page. New changes will take effect as soon as they are posted on this page, so please be sure to keep

yourself updated once in a while. Continued use of the site after each update constitutes acceptance of the change.


While you use the site and in the event that any dispute is ensued you hereby agree that the foregoing is under the sole jurisdiction of Israeli

law using only the system of Israeli courts in the Jerusalem District.


If you have questions about this policy please make contact at the following address:


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